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Wyklad dr Ewy Deelman

Zapraszamy na wykład dr Ewy Deelman z University of Southern California pt "Science Platforms, research and technologies to support computational science in virtual environments", który odbędzie się 26 marca b.r o godz. 15.00 w sali 110B


Abstract: Scientists today are exploring the use of new tools and computing platforms to do their science. They are using workflow management tools to describe and manage complex applications and are evaluating the features and performance of clouds to see if they meet their computational needs. Although today, hosting is limited to providing virtual resources and simple services, one can imagine that in the future entire scientific analysis will be hosted for the user. The latter would specify the desired analysis, the timeframe of the computation, and the available budget. Hosted services would then deliver the desired results within the provided constraints.
This talk describes current work on managing scientific applications on the cloud, focusing on workflow management and related data management issues. Experimental results show the impact of data storage choice on workflow performance. Frequently, applications are not represented by single workflows but rather as sets of related workflows—workflow ensembles. Thus, hosted services need to be able to manage entire workflow ensembles, evaluating tradeoffs between completing as many high-value ensemble members as possible and delivering results within a certain time and budget. The talk presents a range of algorithms that provision and schedule workflow ensembles while satisfying the user-defined budget and deadline constraints. The algorithms are evaluated via simulation using a set of realistic scientific workflow ensembles.
Short CV: Ewa Deelman is a Research Associate Professor at the USC Computer Science Department and a Project Leader at the USC Information Sciences Institute. Dr. Deelman's research interests include the design and exploration of collaborative, distributed scientific environments, with particular emphasis on workflow management as well as the management of large amounts of data and metadata. At ISI, Dr. Deelman is leading the Pegasus project, which designs and implements workflow mapping techniques for large-scale applications running in distributed environments. Pegasus is being used today in a number of scientific disciplines, enabling researches to formulate complex computations in a declarative way. Over the years, Dr. Deelman worked with a number of application domains including astronomy, bioinformatics, earthquake science, gravitational-wave physics, and others. As part of these collaborations, new advances in computer science and in the domain sciences were made. Dr. Deelman received her PhD in Computer Science from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1997. Her thesis topic was in the area of parallel discrete event simulation, where she applied parallel programming techniques to the simulation of the spread of Lyme disease in nature.

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