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Wykład koła naukowego HCI - 1.06

Przypominamy o kolejnym wykładzie Koła Naukowego HCI w PJWSTK.

Dr. Thomas Schaaf: Making a difference in healthcare: speech understanding for clinical documentation

Wykład odbędzie się w środę 1 czerwca o godz. 18:00. w Auli Głównej.


After an introduction of Multimodal Technologies, Inc, Pittsburgh, PA (M*Modal), l describe the current challenges in dictation based health care documentation. This will be followed by an overview of M*Modal’s contribution in this space: a unique blend of speech recognition and natural language processing technologies for turning conversational dictations of clinical encounters into structured and encoded clinical documents. Using a centralized, hosted architecture based on a web services infrastructure, allows us to collect vast amounts of audio and proof-read textual data, enabling us to make use of highly speaker-specific models.

Dr. Thomas Schaaf received a Diplom (1996) and PhD (2004) in computer science from the Universitaet Karlsruhe (TH), Germany where he researched on confidence measure for automatic speech recognition (ASR) and the detection and learning of unknown words for ASR used in speech translation projects and humanoid robots. In 2002 he joined the Speech and Sound Group (SSG) at Sony, Germany working improving ASR for example for the Sony dream robot. From 2004-2006 he was visiting researcher at the Language Technology Institute of Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA researching on speech recognition for Chinese and Modern Standard Arabic. In 2006 he joined the Cambridge research lab of Toshiba, UK where he worked on the ASR for mobile speech-translation devices. Since 2007 he is Senior Research Scientist at Multimodal Technologies Inc. (M*Modal) in Pittsburgh, PA advancing the company's core speech recognition technology and improving the quality of medical reports.

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